pelvic pain and sexual health

Sexual Health and Pelvic Pain

Our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist believes treatment of persistent pelvic pain is the dedicated effort of a multidisciplinary team focus around treating the whole woman. We work closely with specialist to understand the woman’s concerns, the cause of her pelvic pain and work on addressing all pelvic, musculoskeletal and pain response issues.

It is reported that the prevalence of genitopelvic pain

is 14% to 34% in younger women

and 6.5% to 45% in older women.

We utilise real-time ultrasound, gentle pelvic-floor assessment, biofeedback EMG, pain management and graduated exposure coaching.  Many women benefit from treatment and have pain-relief, a better quality of life and new levels of intimacy with their partners.

pelvic pain and sexual health

See our blog “Why do I find sex so painful?” for an insight on how our pelvic health physiotherapist has helped Emily find her confidence and freedom from sexual pain.

Some of the areas we specialise in treating include:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain with sexual intercourse
  • Painful bladder
  • Post-delivery sexual discomfort and pain
  • Endometriosis associated pain
  • Sexual dysfunction